Abode Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

The following rules will be followed by all inmates residing in the hostel. Violation of these rules will make inmate liable for disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel.

  • All inmates should pay the rent on or before 5th of the every month.
  • Every inmate should stay in the accommodation allotted to him by the caretaker oncerned. He/she will not be allowed to change the accommodation once allotted without caretaker’s permission.
  • An inmate should check the fittings in his room at the time of occupation. If there is any deficiency or inadequacy, it should be brought to the notice of the caretaker. Inmates are responsible for the fittings/furniture and shall see to it that they are in the order at the time of handling over charge of the room when he/she leaves the hostel
  • Cleanliness of the room, toilet block, lobby, passage etc are individual and collective responsibility of each and every inmate, failure to do so will cause strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel with or without notice.
  • Use of electrical appliances like heaters, hotplates, etc in the hostel rooms is prohibited
  • The caretaker or any member of the management committee can inspect the room of any inmate at any time.
  • Consumption of alcohol including beer etc. and smoking are strictly prohibited in the hostel premises and will be ground for strict disciplinary action without any notice.
  • Inmates, by virtue of their numerical strength are sometimes involved in cases of physical violence or nuisance at public places outside/inside the hostel. In all such cases the hostel management is not legally bound to defend any inmate or take bail etc. If the necessity arises, the management authorities may inform the parent/guardian of the inmates involved in the incidents. The responsibility of the defending cases will be entirely of the concerned inmates
  • While leaving the hostel inmates should give TWO month notice period and also to make sure that he filled the exit form. Fail to fill this form will consider as the inmates are in hostel and should pay the rent.
  • Water is a very precious commodity. Inmates are strictly advised to use water as less as possible. Under any circumstance wastage will not be tolerated
  • Please switch off lights, fans motors and other power consuming gadgets whenever is not required
  • Hostel management has the right to change the rules and regulation without any prior notice